Clouds over Wadi Ghazal in Egypt. A scenic photograph of dry riverbed with desert mountains on the background.
Clouds over Wadi Ghazal, on the way to St. Catherine.

I’ve stayed in Sinai for some time now and have traveled around a bit, however it is a large area to cover and would take years to explore fully. There are lots of beautiful spots to relax and gather thoughts and some nice surprises can come along on ones journeys. Here are a few snippets of my time in Sinai.

A view from the shore of The Red Sea. The water has beautiful shades of turquoise and blue.
Shades of blue and turquoise at The Lagoon.
Pink and blue sunset at Dahab seaside boulevard.
Dahab Boulevard at sunset.
Sand and rocks in the desert with bright blue sky.
Desert obviously.
Tea being prepared on fire.
There will be tea.
A path along The Red Sea. Desert mountains on one side and sea on the other side.
A stunning walk along The Red Sea.
Orange and blue sunrise over nearby mountains of Saudi Arabia.
Sunrise over nearby Saudi Arabia.
Staring goats and sheep on a dusty road.
The Dahab Goat Mafia. They know everything. Nothing escapes these eyes and ears. The goats have hired the more innocent looking sheep as informants. Top secret and very dangerous.
A view to the desert mountains of St. Catherine through a garden.
A tranquil garden in St. Catherine.
Goat herding in the desert of St. Catherine.
Goat herding in St. Catherine.
A view of The Red Sea from the shore on a calm evening. The water if flat and there are clouds in the sky. Gentle shades of blue, grey and purple.
I love the calm evenings by the sea.
A black and a white cat cuddling on a bench.
A bonus cat photo. You will meet lots of sweet cats in Dahab.

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A Sinai photo tour
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