A photo of Marja on a beachI am Marja Hämäläinen. I am a Finnish artist based in UK.

I create because I get a sensation of discovery and satisfaction. There is a driving curiosity of not knowing what will manifest. The process can get very interesting; there is always something new to learn, to improve upon and to experiment with. I have fun searching for new materials, enjoy playing with colour, may become frustrated and feel stuck, and then get excited having found a solution.

To me the freedom of creating is an illusion. It is more like making a puzzle without knowing the final image. There is only one correct piece to fit in the correct place. I just need to find it.

While inspiration can appear from many surprising sources, nature continues to supply a fascinating range of patterns, textures and details. I have experimented with several media, and recently have focused on combinations of gouache, drawing, photography and digital manipulation.

I love travelling and have lived in many countries. I travel because I get to experience beautiful natural places and exciting adventures, to meet interesting people and lovely animals. It also provides me with challenges, confidence, inspiration and materials.

When I am not working on new designs, I would like to be swimming, walking in nature or contemplating life and reason. I am known to be a bit of a daydreamer and happily withdraw into my inner world where intriguing ideas spring, where the mind can drift over dreamy landscapes and dwell in the abyssal abundance.

I started BlueberryRoom in 2013, because I wanted a portal for my new creations. I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts and the world has soaked me with color and vibrancy of life. I hope to share this with you through my work. I would like my art to be something tangible, to add enjoyment to everyday life, something you can look at again and again and feel cheerful.

Thank you for visiting.