A colour palette of Chokeberry bush in the autumn with vibrant shades of red and orange leaves and dark blue berries.
Chokeberries in the autumn.

Autumn colours are happening again in the northern hemisphere as expected.
Keeping up with the berry theme, I’ve made two colour palettes from photographs I’ve taken in Finland.  The first one is of Chokeberry (or Aronia). The leaves become very vibrant in the autumn and it will bear an edible berry which has an astringent taste.

The second palette is of lingonberries, which are are picked in the wild during autumn and are a staple food in Finland.

A palette of lingonberries. Dark vibrant red berries in a light blue box.
Mum and dad picked these tasty lingonberries from the forest.

I’ve also created two new autumn inspired designs which will definitely brighten up the darker winter months. I’ve made a palette of each one.
The first one is a whimsical pink, orange and green retro pattern and the second one is elegant wavy pink stripes on black.
The designs are available on various products in BlueberryRoom shops, below are a few samples.

Have a lovely & colourful autumn!

Vibrant autumn inspired palette. A blend of orange, bright pink and pale green in small sections outlined with thin black lines create a psychedelic snake skin effect.
Whimsical pink, orange and pale green retro pattern
Vibrant palette; Elegant and decorative wide wavy stripe in shades of bright pink, rasberry red, light maroon and taupe fading into a black background. Modern bohemian pattern with psychedelic touch.
Elegant wavy pink stripes on black

rugWhimsical pink, orange and green retro pattern floor rug


duvet coverElegant wavy pink stripes on black duvet cover


Autumn palettes
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