water droplets on leaves

There is so much noise in this world. Noise made by people and the noise inside our heads.

Imagine living in a world without the noise of electronic devices, no ring tones, no one watching youtube videos or playing games with speakers on, facebook notification sounds turned off. You could hear your own thoughts, follow them without distraction. You could listen to the sounds around you, maybe noticing the sound of the wind or the rain or a singing bird, or maybe you would be able to pay more attention to what your friend is actually saying.

Yesterday was a beautiful, calm day; there was no wind, the sea was still, there was silence. It felt disarming; there was absence of the idea of control.

Silence calms and clears the mind, gives space for new ideas. Silence is like a soothing, cleansing warm bath, it is relaxing and comforting. You can just be, undisturbed. Silence is an investment in your well being.

Will you find silence today?

Or if you are in a café and you really need to hear the facebook notification sounds, will you use headphones?

Calm sea and clear sky at sunset time
The Red Sea yesterday evening
Desert mountains of Sinai
Hello! Anybody out there? No? Good.


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