Purple and plum swirly lines on pale green background. A close-up image of Blueberry lace.
A close-up detail of Blueberry lace

Things have been evolving; new design for the website is finally ready. I hope you like it.
BlueberryRoom has been online now for little less than two years, I’ve worked and learned a lot and I’ve enjoyed it. I also want to say thank you to my customers and followers. It is so nice to know that my creations are liked.

Together with the new design of this website I have created a collection; Blueberry Dream.

I am very excited about this collection. It is the beginning of new feature within BlueberryRoom; collections of designs that complement each other, to make matching products even easier.
This collection is inspired by blueberries and cream.
Finland, my native country has vast areas of forest filled with blueberries. In the summer it is common practice to go to the forest with buckets, filled them up (and stuff yourself meanwhile) with blueberries. Bears like to eat them too.

A photgraph of forest in Finland during summer.
Picking berries makes a nice day out in the nature.

Blueberries are not only delicious; when they are crushed,  beautiful colors in shades of rich purple, blue, red and plum emerge. Mix this gently with whipped cream or other creamy substance; you’ll get a yummy, swirly marble pattern.

Crushed blueberries mixed with cream.

In this collection of five kaleidoscopic patterns, I’ve used pale mint green for a gentle contrast with the various shades of purple and integrated marbling effect with shapes of nature; leaves, petals and blossoms.


As usual, the designs are available on variety of products. Here are a few samples.

Blueberry lace duvet cover

Blueberry lace duvet cover


blueberry blossom 1 bag

Blueberry blossom 1 messenger bag

blueberry blossom 3 leggingsBlueberry blossom 3 leggings




The dream of blueberries
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