Fields in the English countryside near Nottingham.
Countryside near Nottingham

Two months ago I left Egypt for Europe. It was a busy and interesting trip. While I had lots of enjoyable times, the slightly chaotic nature of the trip caused me to have some difficulties scheduling time for work and my Do Immediately list did not magically disappear; it has been reminding me of its existence at the back of my mind. I was busy AND I procrastinated. Now I feel a bit overwhelmed, but slowly gaining clarity; and there are new designs lined up for publishing.

After spending ten stressful days in London at the beginning of the trip, I discovered Nottinghamshire. Nature restores, I was reminded again. A walk through the countryside worked wonders, there was space again in my mind. Weather was pleasant, air was fresh after rain, green and lush plants were everywhere, as were cute little villages and colourful gardens. Besides a couple of American Werewolf moments at the village pub, I spent a lovely three weeks in the area, before a week’s visit to Normandy, France – where again I had some relaxing moments in nature. It caused me to daydream of living in the French countryside, restoring an old stone house and growing vegetables in the garden.

Ferry and stormy sky at the harbor in Dover
Going from England to France by ferry. There was rain and hail before departure. Nice change from the desert climate of Egypt.
Old French stone house and garden with flowers and vegetable patch
A garden in France

Being in Europe (where the postal service is reliable) meant I was able to receive my Zazzle order: one Rickshaw messenger bag and one Drawstring backpack. The messenger bag is really comfortable and light, the sewing work is done well and I feel satisfied with the print quality; the colours turned out bright. On the drawstring backpack the details came out really nice and I was pleased with the colours. The bag is spacious and it will work nicely as my beach bag.
I’ve added a few more pictures of them on BlueberryRoom facebook page: Drawstring backpack and Messenger bag.

Handbag with twirly, psychedelic purple and golden design
Purple lace messenger bag from Zazzle
Purple and yellow patterned drawstring backpack
Drawstring backpack from Zazzle
Zazzle bags and weather
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